Sarah Olson is an Attorney and Mediator providing Divorce, Custody, Superior Court, Civil, Elder, and Estate Mediation services in Asheville, NC. Sarah is certified by the NCDR to conduct Family Financial, Superior Court, Clerk of Court, Special Proceedings, and Estate & Guardianship Mediations. Mediation services are available throughout Western NC including Hendersonville, Weaverville, Brevard, Waynesville and Marion.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a service that can be used to resolve almost any type of dispute, including divorce, child custody, business dissolutions, Superior Court cases, estate disputes, elder care issues, personal injury claims, and breaches of contract. In mediation, a mediator acts as a third party neutral to guide parties through a negotiation process that can result in a binding agreement. Mediation can be utilized at any stage of a conflict: with or without lawyers, before or after a lawsuit has been filed. In some cases, disputes can be settled through mediation in as little as one day, for less than it costs just to have preliminary paperwork filed in a lawsuit.

Mediation is an Efficient & Affordable Alternative to Litigation

When a dispute arises, whether it be a family, divorce or civil issue, people often assume that hiring attorneys and going to court is the only way to solve the problem. While the court system does have its benefits, it can be expensive, time consuming, inefficient, and most of all, unpredictable. Mediation, on the other hand, allows parties to find a solution quickly, efficiently and most importantly: one that they have agreed upon. Parties to a dispute know their needs better than anyone else ever can, and mediation allows them to negotiate a resolution to suit those needs.

In fact, the State of North Carolina has recognized the efficiency and value of mediation by mandating that every case filed in Superior Court, as well as Divorce cases filed in District Court, go through the mediation process before going to trial. In these cases, where a lawsuit is already underway, mediation help parties negotiate settlements or narrow the scope of the litigated issues.

Why Asheville Mediation?

Asheville Mediation’s principal mediator, Sarah Olson, brings a background in law and accounting to help guide parties through the conflicts and transitions that they are facing. As almost every dispute involve both elements, she is uniquely qualified to help parties balance their financial and legal issues. Utilizing facilitative techniques, she helps parties recognize and achieve reasonable goals in their negotiations. As a third party neutral, she does not have a stake in either side; she is invested in finding a solution to satisfy all involved parties.

Our Office In Downtown Asheville

Conference Room

asheville mediation provides an initial telephone consultation to discuss your situation at no charge to you

Divorce & Custody Mediation

Divorce is inevitably painful and stressful. At Asheville Mediation, Sarah works with you to reduce the level of conflict in your divorce and create a workable plan for the next stage in your lives. Studies show that 80% of divorcing couples who go through mediation are able to successfully negotiate a separation agreement. A mediated divorce costs a fraction of an adversarial divorce.

Estate & Elder Mediation

Estate and Elder mediation provides a safe environment in which Sarah facilitates a dialogue between an elderly party and their family/caregivers on many topics, including living arrangements, medical treatment, care plans, guardianship, and financial/estate planning. The goal is to create a plan that helps preserve, restore, or even improve the family’s relationships.

Civil Mediation

Any type of civil case or dispute can be mediated, including the areas of contracts, business dissolutions, personal injury, education, and medical malpractice. Mediation can take place either before or after a lawsuit is filed. The process is entirely confidential and can result in a binding agreement.