Estate and Elder Mediation

Potential Issues for Elder & Estate Mediation

  • Residency decisions – moving to an Assisted Living Facility, remaining home with companion care, remaining home with a child as live-in caregiver, moving in with a relative, moving to a city closer to a relative
  • Caregiving duties – division of labor, caregiver burnout, suggestions made by someone other than the hands-on caregiver, financial expectations regarding caregiving activities
  • Decision-Making Issues – guardianship/conservator contests or power of attorney
  • Financial concerns – allocation, distribution and division of assets, family-owned businesses or property
  • End-of-Life Decisions – advanced directives, living wills, organ donation preference, funeral preplanning, Personal representative/Executor differences
  • Wills, Trusts & Estates Conflicts – planning, distribution of assets, & resolution of family disputes)
  • Driving and other Safety Concerns – driving, testing, transportation to medical appointments, friends, social events & church)
  • Elder & Estate Mediation

    Elder Mediation enables families and caregivers of aging loved ones to resolve differences, make difficult decisions, and devise care and estate plans. Adult siblings often have a hard time agreeing on the care of elderly parents. The stress posed by such disagreements is often compounded when pre-existing conflicts resurface – sometimes making discussions impossible. At Asheville Mediation, Sarah Olson helps parties negotiate a workable plan that takes into account the emotions, finances, physical limitations, and wishes of the parents, children, and caregivers.

    Estate Mediation can be used in the Planning process, when a couple is trying to negotiate how their estate should be divided between heirs, or in the Settlement process, when heirs are in dispute over the division of a decedent’s estate.

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